How to fix ASP.NET FormsAuthentication redirecting to login page for unauthorized AJAX calls

This one stumped me for quite a few hours. I was working on a ASP.NET project where a user’s session was expiring while they were still on the page. Clicking a save button would make a (now unauthorized) ajax call to an endpoint which would automatically redirect (http 301) to the login page. In my case, the ajax function would then receive the raw html for the login page rather than an ajax friendly json response.

I originally went down the rabbit hole of attempting to write a custom AuthorizeAttribute and override HandleUnauthorizedRequest method but nothing was working. The solution I finally stumbled upon was to add a check on Application_EndRequest in Global.asax.cs for the following request properties:

  • FormsAuthentication is enabled
  • Response status code is 301
  • The Request is an ajax request
  • The Request is not authenticated

All put together, this looks something like:

protected void Application_EndRequest()
     var context = new HttpContextWrapper(this.Context);

     // If the request is an ajax request, results in a 302 and uses form authentication, return a status code of 401 rather than redirecting
     if (FormsAuthentication.IsEnabled && context.Response.StatusCode == (int)HttpStatusCode.Redirect &&
     context.Request.IsAjaxRequest() && !context.Request.IsAuthenticated)
         context.Response.StatusCode = (int) HttpStatusCode.Unauthorized;

Credit to this post for the solution.

Thanks for reading!


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